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How do I start investing? Start doing more than ever


The world is changing very quickly, and rapidly. This is evidenced by the fact that stock indices (i.e. stock quotes) are growing in value.But in this article, we will talk about how to start investing, how to create an investment portfolio and the so-called "investment strategy".The fact is that the stock market has grown significantly over the past 10 years.But only if you were lucky enough to watch this process in real time-right after the news of the collapse of financial markets broke.In this article, we will talk about how to "invest" your money correctly (in order to consistently and steadily increase your money).1) Difficult times Do not expect miracles.Even if you have already invested a certain amount of money-it's still better to start doing this now than later.Because the longer your money works, the less income you get.In addition, the longer your investment lasts, the less you will be able to send money to work for you. on investments.2) Configure your investment account for a long investment horizon.It is optimal to do this in the so-called "portfolio".The so-called "portfolio" of your investments should include different asset classes and financial instruments.This will allow you to take full advantage of the fact that your invest.of the portfolio is consistently generated by the algorithm of your manager.3) Increase your money during economic downturns.This is probably the most controversial recommendation of any investors, because it is during periods of severe drop in the stock market it is the most profitable.In times of high volatility, it is better to keep your money on a Bank Deposit and in a Bank-this is the "bear market", which is expected to come closer and become a full-fledged one.In times of low volatility, it is better to start investing your money in stocks and other financial instruments.This will allow you to form a balanced investment portfolio consisting of different asset classes and financial instruments.4) Use tax breaks.It is optimal to do this using a so-called "corridor IIS".For this purpose, you should have:an individual investment account number (IIS number)and individual investment account number (IIS number) of the taxpayer;a so-called "corridor II" number and brokerage account number (check all these numbers carefully — they can be changed only by the taxpayer).5) Stocks underperform.To do this, your main task should be to buy index funds on a monthly basis.This will allow you to provide a balanced "portfolio" of different financial instruments.6) Make regular investments.It is optimal to do this through the purchase of index mutual Funds or ETFs.This will allow you to use the" magic " of compound interest — by regularly investing some of the money you